We Demystify

Helping the tech sector understand all options available.

We Advocate

Ensuring the best and brightest talent can contribute to the UK tech eco system.

We Support

Ensuring the tech sector is fit for purpose.

The Talent and Immigration Working Group is regarded as a solid, supportive bridge between the tech sector and policy makers. Aligned with government strategy, our goal is to help the tech sector navigate the UK immigration system and provide the sector with a voice to lobby for change where necessary.

We aim to:

  • Demystify current immigration routes – ensuring the tech sector makes the most of the options that are available.
  • Advocate on behalf of the sector – ensuring that the brightest and best talent can come to the UK and contribute to the tech eco system.
  • Influence policy makers – ensuring that immigration routes are ‘fit for purpose’.


Share your opinions

We influence the government, to help build a fit for purpose immigration system for the tech sector.If you are a business or individual in the tech sector, we invite you to tell us your pain points. Working collaboratively, we can help bring your issues and messages to the home office. Please get in touch to share your thoughts.

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